Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kitchen Tables

I was given a book this week to read entitled "Kitchen Table Wisdom". I liked the title and I'm enjoying the stories. I find that it brings to mind all the kitchen tables I 've sat at, leaned on, mused upon, and bumped up to for a mighty fine dinner.
I think my favorite is really just a small drop leaf square wooden table. It is squeezed in a sunny, square paned window alcove in my friends kitchen. It's often stacked with bills and mail.. A hummingbird feeder is a side glance away, and an early blooming camellia hugs the window frames outside edges. Huge rhododendrons tower next to a cherry tree that rivals any Washington DC postcard every Easter season.
As tables go this one isn't at all beautiful to look at, but the memories of good times spoken of and remembered echo off its marred surface.
Ive sat there many times while my friend, who loves to cook, slices and chops and prepares appetizers, pours me a glass of wine, as she prepares birthday dinners.We chat and gossip and catch up on general doings. We reminisce about all the times her kids sat here and giggled there way through dinner. She's listened to me moan and groan..about jobs and husbands and diets. We talk about books and walks in the woods and neighborhoods. The table now often serves as a place where she rolls out dough for her granddaughter to make cookies. Its not a big table or a polished marvel, but I think its one of my favorites.

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